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Volumes Indexed In This File:

CC= “The Cornells of Ontario, Michigan & Ohio” by Thomas Cornell

CW= “Genealogy of the Cornwall Family” by Dr. E.E. Cornwall

OC= “Other Cornell, Cornwall, Cornwell Families” by Thomas Cornell

PG = “Thomas Cornell or Cornwell” by Prentiss Glazier

UC = “Unconnected Cornell, Cornwall and Cornwell Families” by Thomas Cornell


See ReadMe for instructions on the structure of this database and how to use it. ReadMe
The full database may be viewed here, but only the unconnected US Cornells have links to their family information.
This is a sample of the full version of the database with links for all families included on my CD.
If you have information connecting any of these families to known US or Canadian families, please do write me.
Revision 1.4 -- dated 26 April 2020